Systems and Hierarchy

Systems and Hierarchy

26 September 2019

Lecture material

Keynote file can be found here

Project Details

Project 1: Typography in the Wild

Due October 17th, 2019 Find instances of typography in the real world and take pictures! Write 1-2 pages on the visual identity and message of those particular design choices. (1-2 pages, not including the instances themselves!)

  • Identify elements! Is it a serif font? San-serif? Something weird? Has it been rotated? Tilted? Flipped?
  • What is the message? Not just literally what’s been typed, but how does the design itself communicate a message?
  • How does the design feel? Friendly? Traditional? Knowledgeable? Modern?
  • How would the visual identity be altered if a changes were made? San-serif to serif? Thin to thick? What if it was a larger font size? Smaller?
  • Can this design be improved? How might small changes make this better?
  • Compare and contrast the instances. Which one is better? Is one better in a certain context but not in another?

Submission Details

Email Tony with relevant files attached by 11:59pm of October 17th.